General Terms and Conditions of use

A) Area of application

  1. The following general terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”) shall apply to the use of all contents and services provided by PUNTERZ (“the Platform”) to its users (“Users”) on the website (“PUNTERZ website”), on all versions of PUNTERZ mobile application (“PUNTERZApp”), and on all site-related services., this Regulation should apply in every case where specific and additional conditions are not included. These terms of service may include additional and specific conditions. These Terms of service shall also apply to the users- generated contents on PUNTERZ website and/or on PUNTERZ App in the form of e-mails, inputs on chats, and forum (i.g. : upload of pictures). Please refer to “User – Generated Contents” section of this contract.
  2. The validity of these Terms of service shall remain valid regardless of how and on which platform the services are used (i.e. computers, mobile and/or other hardware and /or software).
  3. The Platform reserves the right to make changes to these Terms of service anytime.
  4. The use and/or viewing of PUNTERZ website and/or of PUNTERZApp, as well as the sign up of any subscription implies the compliance of these terms of service. In particular during the signup process the User should thick in the box: “I declare to be 18 years old and I acknowledge that I have read and understood these Terms of Service”. If the User clicks on the Registration button she/he acknowledges to have read and understood the terms of service and he/she agrees to be bound by them.
  5. Any person who is under 18 and who uses the services of PUNTERZ web site and/or of PUNTERZApp shall do it under the sole liability of his/her parents or legal guardians. Therefore, if a User of the services is under 18, it represents and acknowledges that he/she has obtained its parents' or legal guardian's consent to become a User and that his/her parents or legal guardians agree to guarantee the User's compliance with all of these Terms of Service.

B) Commercial Purpose

  1. The Platform, following the sign-up of a period subscription (“Subscription”), provides User with a service specialized in forecasting and predicting sports results (“the Service”). The relevant information and advice (“Advice”), regarding one or more sport events, will be uploaded into the platform and accessible by user’s login. The service shall be the commercial purpose provided by the Platform. The User after creating a personal account using his/her e-mail (Account) will be able to receive the Advice. The personal account may be used also on PUNTERZApp.

C) Terms of usage

  1. The right to use the Service is granted only in accordance with the general terms of use that may change from time to time, taking into consideration the conditions and/or restrictions imposed by the Platform These conditions and/or restrictions may apply to all users, to group of users or to a single user.
  2. The User is the only responsible for the technical configuration of his/her device. More detailed information regarding the recommended configuration may be requested using the function “Contact the technical support” on PUNTERZ website and /or on PUNTERZApp. The Platform will use reasonable endeavors to respond to all customer support queries within a reasonable time frame but it makes no guarantees or warranties of any kind that any customer support query will be responded to within any particular time frame.

D) How to register

  1. The user may open her/his account only once her/his registration process on PUNTERZ website or on PUNTERZApp will be completed.
  2. Every user shall create one single and personal account. The creation of the account will enable the User to have access on PUNTERZ website and PUNTERZApp.
  3. The user will be asked to provide true, accurate and complete personal details and his/her email address. By selecting the relevant field the User grants the Platform permission to send emails to her/him. The user may at any time revoke her/his consent granted by following the relevant link at the bottom of every mail sent by the Platform or sending an email to
  4. The user will have access to the Service and will receive the Platform only once the Account will be activated. The user may request the activation of the account by sending an email to
  5. Once the registration/ sign up process will be completed, the contract between the user and the Platform shall take effect. The contract includes the use of contents and services offered by PUNTERZ website and/or PUNTERZApp.
  6. In case the personal details provided by the User are incorrect the Platform may be authorized to exclude totally or partially (permanently as well) the User from the service.
  7. The User undertakes to update her/his personal details to keep them current. A change of the email address should be immediately notified by accessing to the relevant section “My account” on PUNTERZ website or on PUNTERZApp.

E) How to subscribe

  1. In order to use the Service provided by the Platform, the User has the option to order the type of subscription he/she wishes to select through the relevant section “Purchase a Subscription” inside PUNTERZ website and/or PUNTERZApp. After checking out, the User will receive an email from the Platform confirming his subscription.
  2. Every subscription allows the User to receive the Advice from the Professional Bettors (Punterz pro), according to the conditions set at the momento of subscription.
  3. The Advice are provided by the Professional Bettors (Punterz Pro), who have serious and considerable online betting experience, in a completely autonomous manner from the Platform. However, the User should note and be aware that the Professional Bettors’ past performances will not be a warranty of their future ones. Therefore, The Platform shall not be held liable for any advice and any other information or content communicated on PUNTERZ website and/or PUNTERZApp. The user should be considered responsible for any losing bets placed. Furthermore, it is necessary to be aware that gambling involves an element of risk. By gambling on dedicated websites, you run the risk that you may lose money or suffer from psychological harms.
  4. Without prejudice to the provisions of point 2, the Subscriptions have no limits referred to the number of Advice that may be sent and are tacitly renewed by the Platoform.
  5. In order to improve or maintain the Site (scheduled or emergency operations), the Platform may interrupt the access to PUNTERZ Site and PUNTERZApp for short periods. The user will be notified on the PUNTERZ website and/or on PUNTERZApp. The Platform shall not be held liable for any damage arising out of such maintenance operations.
  6. The Platform may also modify, extend, integrate or limit constantly the services offered.
  7. The User can earn discounts collecting points according to the conditions set out in the Platform (“Referreal Program”). The User will use his/her credits just in the Platform, in relation to the collected points that will be credited to the payment method of his/her choice, after the subscription renewal.
  • In order to redeem his/her credits, the User must use his points according to the instructions in the appropriate section of the website, as the link at the end of the paragraph, before the automatic renewal of the subscription. By cancelling his/her subscription and/or disabling the payment method, The User will lose all his/her points and his/her credits, that under no circumstances can be converted in currency. In order to find out more about PUNTERZ Referreal Program, please click here

D) Property rights

    1. The user undertakes to acknowledge that the entire content of PUNTERZ website and of PUNTERZApp belongs to the Platform. Copy, modify, publish or broadcast all or part of any content of PUNTERZ website, PUNTERZApp, the Service and/or of the Subscription is not permitted. It is also prohibited to interfere with the specific performances, content and information available on PUNTERZ website, on PUNTERZApp, on the Service and on the Subscription.
    2. The brands which are shown on PUNTERZ Site and/or on PUNTERZApp (with or without a logo) are trademarks (registered or not) that belong to the Platform or to third parties.
    3. Any reference to the trademarks on PUNTERZ Site and/or on PUNTERZApp shall not explicitly or implicitly constitute any right, license or authorization to use such Trademarks without the specific and prior written consent of the Platform or the relevant third parties.
    4. Any use of the Trademarks appearing on PUNTERZ Site and/or on PUNTERZApp and for which the user or the relevant third parties has not given their specific and prior written consent shall be strictly prohibited. The Platform and the relevant third parties shall reserve all rights and remedies available at law, including under criminal law, in order to ensure compliance with their rights.
    5. Any User generated content provided directly or indirectly by the User to the Platform through PUNTERZ web site and /or PUNTERZApp (i.e: pictures, questions, suggestions..) becomes unlimited and exclusive Platoform's property. Transfering his contents on PUNTERZ website and/or PUNTERZApp, the User renounces to the right of property of the generated contents.

    With reference to User generated contents on PUNTERZ website and on PUNTERZApp, the user:

    • declares to have the right to generate content on PUNTERZ Site and/or on PUNTERZApp
    • grants the Platoform to modify, adapt, broadcast, create derivative works form and grants to use the User generated contents in any manner and by any means, method or technology, whether now known or hereafter created without any payment
    • acknowledges that he/she retains ownership of intellectual property rights on his/her contents in term of the right to be identified as the author of any User Content. The user also agrees to waive any “moral rights” of such User contents
    • accepts that the Platoform has no obligation to monitor or protect the rights of the User related to any user generated contents

     Abusive Conduct

    1. No Abusive conduct is permitted on PUNTERZ website and on PUNTERZApp. It is not permitted for any reason whatsoever:

    - conflicts with the Terms of service

    - Deliberately intention to provide false and untrue information 

    - Intentionally manipulation of the Platform’s service

    - Intentionally destruction or interfences with the Platform's Service

    - Disclosure of all provided Service or single Advice to any third parties

    - Violation of all the other provisions of the general terms of Conditions, such us the contract with the Professional Bettor that you can find here:

    1. The User:

    - acknowledges and accepts that The Platform does not guarantee accuracy of the PUNTERZ website and PUNTERZApp information and confirms to have full legal capacity allowing him/her to be the only responsible for his/her own social acts and decisions

    - declares to be aware that Advices are subject to various laws and regulations and he/she also declares to be aware of which law should govern them

    - acknowledges and accepts to be the sole responsible for any use of The Advices and the information provided by The Platform

    - shall not attempt to follow any type of tamper with the Software used by PUNTERZ website and PUNTERZApp and not to develop software that allows him/her to access in PUNTERZ web site or PUNTERZApp software

    - shall not use any type of software that allows him/her to create more accounts

    - shall not use software that are classified by The Platform as Program that tampers The User to commit abuse or confer him/her an advantage on other Users

    - has no rights to use unauthorised contents

    - shall not use any type of software that allows him/her to analyze PUNTERZ website and/or PUNTERZApp and its specific programs

    - shall take measure to guarantee strict compliance with confidentiality obligations with The Advices

    - shall not use any type of program that burden on server

    1. In case of emergency The Platform reserves the right to take the steps necessary to expose and prevent the use of unauthorized software by The User. The Platform also reserves the right to identify and localize unauthorized programs installed on computers or devices and to create profiles to facilitate the research. If The Platform shall find that a User uses unauthorized software, it shall suspend the User’s account for six months or to disable his/her access to PUNTERZ website or PUNTERZApp wholly or partially.
    2. The User undertakes not to:

    use the Service causing damage violence, molestation or injury to others

    create more than an account to access on PUNTERZ website and/or PUNTERZApp

    use the e-mail address of another person to make registration on PUNTERZ website and PUNTERZApp and to use the Service

    use PUNTERZ web site and PUNTERZApp in offensive or fraudulent way (i.e. posing as someone who he/she has not)

    disguise and seek his/her account or the source of any uploaded contents

    use PUNTERZ website and PUNTERZApp to commercial purpose, for the benefit of any third party or for sending undesired communications

    remove or modify any notice of intellectual property rights or other information on property on PUNTERZ web site or PUNTERZApp

    modify or interfere with PUNTERZ web site and PUNTERZApp functions and servers

    try to make alterations, decompile or disassemble illegally any type of data stored by The Platform or to circumvent encryption technology and protections measures

    “extract”, make “web scraping” or collect any type of information on other Users that use PUNTERZ website and/or PUNTERZApp (i.e. personal data or information provided by tools such as “tag pixel”, cookie, Graphics Interchange Formats, “spyware” or “passive collection mechanisms”)

    wholly or partially sell or transfer his/her account to third parties

    modify the functions of The Service or acts illegally creating damage to others

    use PUNTERZ website and PUNTERZApp violating any applicable law

    use PUNTERZ website and PUNTERZApp to for fraud purpose or to to circumvent technological measures for access control or to perform any action in contravention of General Terms and Conditions

    use PUNTERZ website and PUNTERZApp in any other way not conformity with these General Terms and Conditions

    In case of abuse suspects, The User can contact The Platform writing to

H) Communication and other behaviors among the users

  • By way of example but not limited to, The User commits himself/herself not to upload to, distribute, or otherwise publish any type of content:

    1. which is or may be deemed unauthorized or unwanted advertising, promotional material, “spam”, “chain letters”, “pyramid schemes” or any other type of solicitation. Or which contains virus or other codes, files or programs that can damage or reduce telecommunication software/hardware functions
    2. which is or may infringe any intellectual property rights of a third party
    3. which The User has no right to disclose or use according to the applicable law (i.e. internal information or confidential information) 
    4. which is or may incite to violence or hatred against such a group or a member of such a group
    5. which is or may be deemed harmful to the privacy of others
    6. which is or may be deemed contrary to the law because of its dangerous, harassing, defamatory, calumnious or obscene nature

I) Penalties in case of Abuse

  • In circumstances of User abusive behavior, The Platform reserves the right to terminate the subscription contract without notification. The Plaftorm reserves also the right to suspend the ongoing Advice and block the Account with or without an advance communication and to cancel or retain the credit.

J) Termination of the Contract

    1. Both Contracting Parties, The User and The Platform, may terminate the contract at any time without giving reasons. The User should send an e-mail containing name and account name to or access on his/her profile and click on the link “subscription management”. His/her data on ID card must coincide with those insert on the account. It is understood that The Platform considers User’s willingness to terminate the contract for subscription of The Platform’s service to the payment or credit institution. On the contrary, if The Platform would find User funding gaps that prevent to cover the expenditure related to the account subscription or the renewal, it shall communicate this circumstance to The User who shall remedy to situation and use The Platform’s service. If none, The Platform does not authorize the activation of The Service and shall consider this circumstance as the intention of The User to withdraw to The Service and all contents provided by The Advice. From the first day of the following month after the withdrawal, The User shall not receive any Advice and lose his/her right of his/her account, subscription and the services provided by The Platform.
    2. Right of withdrawal

    The User should withdraw following instructions in FAQ.

    1. Unsubscribe

    If The User decides to unsubscribe, The Platform shall not refund the costs of subscription already paid. When The Platform shall cancel User account and subscription, he/she shall not access the list of services provided by PUNTERZ.


    1. The Platform offers user the option of using the Service on PUNTERZ web site and/or on mobile devices. The User is the only responsible for the technical configuration of his/her device.
    2. PUNTERZApp is a mobile application to be used exclusively on smartphone and tablet. User shall use the Service also on smartphone and tablet.
    3. By registering, The User agrees to provide data to The Platform. The following data are transmitted into anonymous form in order to remove any factual errors and improve the quality of the mobile application: version number of PUNTERZApp and its operation, the device model name and version number of operating system, details on free memory space, screen characteristics, hardware and software configuration, system settings, system log file and, if any, information about integrated radio receivers and their configurations.
    4. By registering, an account is automatically created on PUNTERZApp and The User shall be able to access on PUNTERZ website platform using the same credentials generated on PUNTERZApp.
    5. The User can download PUNTERZApp using the internet connection available on the device adopted.
    6. The services of PUNTERZApp are illustrated on PUNTERZ website. The Platform reserves the right to expand, reduce and/or otherwise, change the offer of PUNTERZApp anytime. Furthermore the Platform shall be free to stop or limit the services of PUNTERZApp at its sole discretion. The User is not entitled to grant of a refund, if the services of PUNTERZApp are not available or if changes are introduced.
    7. PUNTERZApp is protected by copyright and The Platform brand. The User is entitled to save PUNTERZApp on his/her personal device. Any other form of storage, duplication, reproduction, distribution of the mobile application shall be strictly prohibited.

L) Costs and automatic renewal

  • To know the full cost of the services provided by PUNTERZ, please refer to the dedicated page. The general Terms of Use and costs may change from time to time. Costs may be subject to business taxes and cannot be refund, except for the cases that are expressly referred to in these Terms and Conditions.

    Payments may be granted exclusively by credit card. We invite you not to use debit card, also known as “Bancomat”, to complete the purchase.

    The subscription to PUNTERZ shall be extended tacitly at the end of each term, unless notice of termination is given before the date of renewal. The User agrees and acknowledges that is subject to automatic renewal and authorizes The Platform to charge the relative costs of subscription and any taxes on every registered credit card (without notice, excepting those cases required by law). 

    In case the credit card payment for subscription is not successful, the User shall provide details of a valid credit card to the Platform. In the absence of such details, the subscription of the User shall be cancelled. In the case the User provides details of a valid credit card and the charge has been successfully completed, the new subscription shall begin to run from the expiry date of the previous one, instead of the debit date.

M) Place and conclusion of contract

    1. All legal relation between The Platform and The User are subject exclusively to Italian laws with the exclusion of the Convention on the Sale of International Goods, unless the application of the regulatory standards that are more advantageous for The User falling under the scope of Regulation (EC) 593/2008. The place of performance is Rome.
    2. Unless otherwise determined by the law, The Court of Rome is the sole place of jurisdiction for all claims arising from this contractual relationship and all disputes between the parties.

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